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My mediation work has been accredited by The Law Society. I am a member of the Civil Mediation Council, the Association of Northern Mediators, the Manchester Law Society Mediation panel and Clerksroom.
I am a registered Contentious Trust and Probate Specialist.
I have experience with all areas of civil litigation. See my C.V. (below) for details.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary process in which parties try to resolve their dispute at a confidential meeting at which a trained mediator will explore with the parties the options for settlement.

What are the advantages of mediation?

Court proceedings can be very expensive and take many years to complete. The options at court are also limited with parties at the mercy of a judge to what result is awarded. However, with mediation the parties are the architects of the solution and can create a result that is beneficial to both parties in a way that a court could not. As you are able to mediate at any time in a dispute, your problem can be over faster and more cost effectively than if you went to court.

What experience have you got?

I was trained by the London School of Mediation. They have extensive experience in all types of civil dispute acquired over many years. I have been involved with mediations as an advocate and mediator for over 18 years. Download my C.V. from the link above.
We were delighted with Keith Etherington's approachability, professionalism, willingness to listen, ability to grasp our arguments and present his clearly, while never at any time putting us under pressure. We were greatly relieved by the outcome and would very highly recommend him, he was brilliant
W Fleming, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, November 2014
Keith was an excellent mediator and I would both recommend him to others as well as use him again
GSB Solicitors, November 2014
Keith was brilliant and helped us achieve a satisfactory outcome -
Harold Bell Solicitors, July 2014

How much will it cost?

The fees vary depending on the value of the dispute, the length and location of the mediation but start at only
£750 + VAT per party. Please use the contact link for fee details or a quote.